Author: Joe Waterman

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TES shop now open

The book is now available to buy on TES. Visit Love of Maths’s shop.

First edition of the book

We are delighted to announce the first edition of John Waterman’s Pure Maths Guide for 1st year A-Level students. We are making the book available to selected teachers, tutors and their students initially to try out for free.  We expect that there will be errors to correct and so after the trial period we will […]

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Podcast – How the book is structured and how it is intended to be used

Unlike most school textbooks, which for extremely good reasons are set out in a sort of gradual way. So you may do a little bit of coordinate geometry to start with early on. And then you have a break from that, and you may do some algebra, and then later on, do some trigonometry, and […]

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Podcast – How the author found maths hard at school and how he approached his studies

When I was taking what the equivalent of GCSEs are today. I actually didn’t find maths that easy. I used to find things like quadratic equations a bit confusing. And I didn’t know what was different about that, and a lot of other sorts of equations. I found it a bit frustrating to be honest. […]

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Podcast – How the love of maths pure maths guide came about

So yes, I did a lot of tuition. And I guess it was during that time that many of the ideas in the book came to fruition because I had the unique privilege of being able to spend time with one person and try to puzzle out: why is it that they are finding this […]

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Podcast – What the author loves about maths

If I were to try to get to the bottom of what it does to me, why is it that it touches something, and I’ve thought a lot about that. And I think what it is, it is to do with the fact that it’s the only area of studies, the only area of knowledge, […]