About the book

The love of maths pure maths guide is an extended digital learning resource for A Level and AS students and teachers – developed through over 35 years of teaching and Oxbridge tutoring experience.

The love of maths eBook, available as a whole or in 14 individual chapters, is a culmination of 10 year’s work. It covers the pure mathematics topics required for the first year of A Level or AS level syllabus; introducing the challenging principles and concepts to develop a more rigorous mindset as a step up from GCSE and a foundation for further learning.  

This ebook has been invaluable as support material and giving students another way of looking at the topics. I would recommend it highly as student support.

Hilary Sacharewicz, North Bromsgrove High School & Sixth Form
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Individual chapters or the full book may be downloaded

This 1,000+ page electronic resource, best accessed via a PC or tablet, offers considerably more learning materials than a standard-length textbook. Set out in bite-sized chunks, each page in the electronic format contains a single new concept. Each of the 14 chapters deals with a single area of the maths syllabus, any part of which can be printed out and used independently.  

Each chapter is filled with worked examples and tried and tested explanations, as well as offering extensive practice questions for teachers to utilise in class, for homework setting, or indeed for self-guided learning. After each new technique there is a short self-test to ensure it has been understood. 

The love of maths eBook is also peppered with additional facts and points of interest and reflects a genuine love of the subject throughout.


Purchase and download thirteen individual chapters or all chapters together as one eBook

Chapters cover stand-alone pure mathematics topics from Trigonometry to Calculus

Each chapter is broken down into manageable sections filled with worked examples and extensive practice questions

When purchasing the eBook as a whole, hyperlinks in each chapter connect to relevant sections in other chapters

Materials have been developed through over 35 years of teaching and Oxbridge tutoring experience

The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in Mathematics as surely as in poetry

Bertrand Russell